Company Profile

The company Working Platform has as main activity the rental of for aerial working platforms on the North and North-West area of our country.

Due to an experience of more than 10 years in this field of the majority of our company’s employees, Working Platform is today, probably the main supplier of such platforms from the regions of Ardeal, Banat, Crisana and Maramures.

The high performance level achieved at present by Working Platform is also the consequence of the cooperation between our company members with the sole Romanian Importer of Haulotte equipments, namely the company CDP Access.

Why were we chosen by our customers

C onstructors exist ever since the human being decided not to live in a cage any longer and to create his own home. From the first human settlement discovered by archeologists, in the last 195.000 years this craft only improved its methods. Our modern age is defined by the efficiency, quality and aspect of its buildings.

Throughout history and until today, building became a sort of instinct. Whether we consider a house or an industrial hall, the pleasure of doing something with your own hands and the satisfaction that this brings you is, if not peerless, definitely undeniable.

Platforms are the natural result of evolution, one of the means by which people can perform their art better, faster and more efficiently.

In 2000, in Romania, the potential of platforms was barely starting to be discovered. Up to their introduction on the Romanian market, people obtained slower progress when the project was ambitious. Nowadays, platforms are essential for any large project, either we take into consideration industrial halls, logistic centers or Malls.

Being a developing country, competition is stronger than ever, and the difference no longer resides in products quality and in the professionalism of the services offered but also in the trust based on the friendship consolidated between the constructor and his suppliers.

Hard work was never an impediment for the constructors. This motivates us day by day to live up to our customers’ expectations level in order for them to be able to rely on us at all times.

Exceptional quality of the services provided to our customers, both in terms of rentals and service.


Fastness in the processing of the orders received and in the prompt equipments delivery.


Flexibility in the negotiation of each contract, so that it can be considered advantageous for both parties.


Initiative in the stage of consulting, in order o find with the customer the optimal solution intended for each project.


Permanent involvement in the support of our customers for the entire duration of their projects.

These five attributes that we add each and every time to the package of services offered to our customers, turn us always into their – FIRST OPTION ... whenever they need to rent a platform.